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The Magic of Medi Pedi

The Medi petty procedure is an alkaline product that we soak in the feet arm to assist with the removal of callousing and corns on the feet this moving procedure is exceptional and reading the feet of cracks and painful fishes this procedure can be done within two weeks of each procedure however generally once the feet have attained a nice smooth finish you might do a Medi petty every 4 to 6 weeks as a maintenance program and with rust thing at home in between your salon services you’ll have baby feet you around

The Medi petty entirely avoid the use of blading and he’s able to resist achieving the best possible result without causing more trauma or color thing to the skin

The Medi-Pedi works amazingly For all clients, however, clients with particularly dry cracked heels may require up to 3 services fortnightly until the heel thickening has been rectified. Some issues seen from cracked heels include snacking on fabric and tearing stockings, pain and discomfort, as well as just downright embarrassment due to the unclean look and feel, especially in those gorgeous summer sandals and heels. Once desired results are achieved with the Medi Pedi, it is preferable to use a rich moisturiser and nourish the feet and support internally with an essential fatty acid-rich diet and regular rusting of the feet once they have been soaked in the shower or use of a football.

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