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Algae peel

We all know we would like to be able to slough away 2022 like we slough away redundant skin cells, so with that I’d love to introduce the Zena Algae Peel. This exciting product is a freshwater algae, in a fine powder form, we mixed with an Alexa Alexa and massaged over the skin. We offer a mild peel, which may leave the skin looking sunburnt for a day or two, or a little prickly and you may have some light flaking. However, for those of us that love a good peel, the algae peel can be used as a full seven day resurfacing treatment with results achieved nothing short of amazing.

Issues that can be addressed with the allergy peel include congested skin, ageing skin, acne skin scarring, and stretchmarks, as well as the the lightening of pigmentation and evening skin tone. You will also notice improved texture and improved hydration of the skin as it becomes more receptive to our amazing skincare line.

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