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Luscious Lash lifting

Flashlight has been around for decades Lash lifting procedures were being performed in the 80s however over time the procedure involved it was originally called a lash perm and just like the perms of the 80s and they were could be very inconsistent and risky with high risk of lash lash is being fried and irritated eyes however just like everything things of holes over time and products improves nowadays we have so many lash lifting products on the market and many of them are quite exceptional so a few things that Do you things that you want to consider before getting a lash lift is eyelashes are long enough and will you get the WoW factor that you desire if you’re a little unsure that you have enough length to get a an amazing lift we recommend using a Lash growth serum to enhance the natural lash length before jumping into a left lash lifting procedure we stock some amazing product in summer and it is also available online

So once you’ve been using your lash serum for a little while we recommend about 2 to 3 months before booking your lash lift and we would we would assess LASHES and determine which lash lifting rod is best suited for your eye shape and Lash Length. We also determine what the best length of processing time is for the coarseness of the individual lashes the processing time will be critical in as overprocessing the LASHES can cause LASHES to be arm frazzled and that am I under processing and LASHES can lead to an underwhelming left result

All our Lash left are inclusive of a keratin treatment to strengthen and nourish the lashes after the chemical service as well as a lash tint we like to flush the eyes with saline to restore the ice pH and for any clients that suffer excessive redness or dry eyes we also like to finish with some soothing eyedrops

It is best to avoid getting the lashes wet for the first 24 hours after Lash left and to avoid sleeping lying or pressing on the lashes or rubbing them in as much as possible

The results achieved with Lash left will open the eye area make the eyes appear larger can change the shape of the look of that I shape of that I and can give that classic lash extension look without the expense of lash extensions and maintenance that goes with that Lash lifting is a very low maintenance procedure however we do encourage the use of Lash serum in for regular Lash lifting

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