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Just Browsing… Tint vs Henna vs Hybrid

Updated: Jun 11, 2022

With the explosion of brow focus in the beauty game, it comes with no surprise that the services and products in this area have truly exploded as well.

Not gonna lie, I am Loving it! Brow Artistry is an obsession my name is Leah and I am addicted to beautiful brows. I love viewing them, I love creating them and I love helping clients regrow or correct them.

My husband is frequently heard saying are you looking at brows again, and these days I just own it… ‘Yes, yes I am, and I even share my enthusiasm with omg look at these ones aren’t they amazing!‘ You know you have incepted your hubby when he starts commenting on brows and recognising poorly shaped brows! Haha this actually happens now!

We really have it all now guys… cosmetic tattoo for the lowest maintenance daily perfect brows, and if your not ready to commit you can always try henna or hybrid for that temporary tattoo look, and then there is the trusty old tint. (oh and don’t even get me started on the endless brow perfecting products from brow balms, butters and styling soap, to pens pencils, powders, pomades, creamades, brow fibre gel, even temporary tattoo, yes just like when we were kids wet and peel the paper backing. I am still surprised and grateful this, and the brow toupee never took off )

That said, I have tried many brow fads over the years even trained in Eyebrow extensions, however Henna and Hybrid are here to stay!

I don’t think I have done more than a handful of tints in the last four years as it just doesn’t get the results or longevity of Henna and more recently Hybrid, and doesn’t compare for grey coverage. So the jury is still out, but in my business the old school tint is pretty redundant.

I thought I would do a little explanatory post explaining the differences between the Lash and brow colour options to create an understanding of where they all fit in.

Tint is a hair colour for brows and lashes usually lasting up to 4 weeks in the hairs leaves no skin stain (except maybe first 24 hrs) safe for use on lashes and brows. No real hair nourishing or growth boosting benefits. Great for those who like an understated look or don’t love the skin stain. Though I still feel this can be achieved with Henna or hybrid with shorter processing times and the lightest colours.

Hybrid skin stain Lasts 3 to 14 days (depending skin type) darkest on days 1 to 3. Lasts in the hair up to 6 weeks. This is more of a dye and can be used on Lash and brow (side note, longest lasting lash tint ever) No particular hair growth boosting benefits Except post treatment nourishing oil. (Can be used with Lamination)

Henna lasts 3 to 14 days on the skin (depending on skin type), up to 6 plus weeks on the hair, builds in the follicle with each treatment. Nourishing doubles as a growth treatment. Promoted as a more natural colour solution. (Cannot be used on lashes or immediately post Lamination procedures)

Send us a message with your favourite brow product we love hearing what’s your go to product or service for brow perfection. Don’t forget to follow us on fb and Insta for plenty more brow love by our team, or book an appointment and share our addiction for your perfect Brows.

May your coffee be as strong as your brow growth xo


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