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Intimate waxing

As a therapist that has been doing intimate waxing on ladies and men for 12 years plus years there are a few questions I get asked all the time so I thought I might address them in a blog blog

What’s involved in a Brazilian wax well intimate waxing is available in various forms there is the basic bikini this pretty much removes any hair that may protrude beyond the underwear line this insures no cheeky hairs beyond your bathers or briefs

A G string wax comes in a little more breif just as the G string it self our G string wax includes the extension which means waxing around the back side this leaves a triangle with her on the front and Finley down the centre

Finally the Brazilian or Manzillion This is complete hair removal of the front and back side of the Intimate area however a decorative piece or strip can be left behind for those that prefer a little hair over completely bare

Frequently asked questions

Does it hurt?

well we are ripping strips of hair out by the roots so it’s fair to say it’s no Relaxation treatment however pain can be minimised by frequent treatments around every four weeks also by avoiding sensitive times within a woman’s cycle also trimming the hair can prevent unnecessary discomfort before your service

Can anyone get Brazilian waxing done?

Absolutely our only prerequisite is a minimum age of 16

The maximum age is unlimited oldest waxing client to date is 84 years Young we wax males and females and we pride ourselves on being an inclusive and welcoming salon to salon to all

How do I prepare for intimate waxing?

Well any waxing is best prepared by exfoliating the treatment area the day before the service regular moisturising will also improve the hydration of the skin thus preventing ingrown hairs so the maintenance for Waxing is generally exfoliate and moisturise

On the day of service and the following 48 hours it is best to avoid sauna sex exercise and sweating swimming or hot taps tabs hot tub generally cooler showers or bathing is recommended as it reduces redness and calms the follicle

We provide wet wipes for clients to freshener prior to the service if they are unable to shower before that arrival

When should I not get waxed?

Any clients that are taking photosensitising medications or blood thinning medication must communicate this to the treating therapist as they are at an increased risk of skin lifting or abrasions this also can include vitamin A for retinol treatments

Why do people choose a full Brazilian?

Brazilian waxing is preferred by many especially women many women feel cleaner With maintained waxing of intimate areas and many claim enhanced sensitivity So you can throw away the notion that these womenAnd man are simply getting Brazilian to impress when they undress address as the active hair removal is hugely beneficial in many ways to the individual

Can I have a reaction to Waxing?

Everyone skin is very different in its response to Waxing however a rule of thumb is the more course the hair

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