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Zena Cosmetics Algae Peel has arrived, and we are OBSSESSED!

Updated: Mar 8, 2022

The most exciting skin transformations in only 7 days away!

Now available at Bespoke Skin, Scarborough Queensland
Zena Cosmetics Algae Peel

As an aesthetician of 14 years, I have worked with and looked into many different product lines good, bad, and indifferent. I will be the first to admit that it isn't all to frequent that I find a product that ticks all the boxes and by that I mean;

1. Results

2. Cost

3. Client Suitability.

We all want products that deliver the results they promote, and I am pretty thrilled with the results we have seen on our excited clients so far. Our clients have experienced improvements in skin texture, tone, congestion, and pigmentation in as little as a week. The results are always my first checkpoint before I commit to any new product or service in the salon, if it doesn't deliver it will just disappoint and damage the trust I build with my clients so I always trial the products before I introduce them into my business.

A Big Factor that determines my decision as well is cost, yep it's all about the money honey!

There is no point in me offering an amazing treatment that is only within reach of some of my clients. I want amazing products and services that get amazing results, within reach of all my clients. The Financial diversity among my clients is vast and I love products that are within reach of all and this treatment definitely fits that brief!

As a salon that supports social and cultural diversity, it is really important to me that most of our products can be enjoyed by all skin types and tones. Acid peels and heat-based treatments can pose a great risk to higher Fitzpatrick skin types or aged skins so I am so thrilled to source a peel that exposes my clients to amazing peel results without the risk of Post Inflammatory Pigmentation or worse. This treatment has very few contraindications, although I will say those that hold a very low pain or discomfort tolerance, this is probably not the treatment for you!

First Impressions

First impressions of this product are "it's all business baby!"

You get this peel for the results certainly not the relaxation because point-blank there is none.

The milder Refresh Peel is abrasive and leaves the skin quite flushed and a little prickly. This sensation can last a few days and the skin may stay quite red and even flaky in this time as well. You can expect a similar result to microdermabrasion for this treatment. (Though I would argue it's much better.)

The 7 Day Peel is fairly transparent in its name, you will peel like a snake shedding its skin for 7 Days. Starting within the first 24 hours generally peeling starts around the mouth (especially if your a miss have-a-chat like me) and eyes, and gradually over the course of the week works out to the hairline. The treatment itself is unpleasant at best, not gonna lie it hurts almost gravelly, but to be honest I prefer it personally over an acid peel as it definitely has less heat. So with the gross face peeling and discomfort it is really is a treatment for those committed to the result, those that don't mind a little downtime or people's questioning stares.

How has it Tested

Among all our clients the feedback on the treatment itself wasn't amazing (lol yes I knew this would be the case) it is no surprise they were wishing they booked their relaxing massaging facial.

However, it redeemed itself with the results feedback, and although many clients at the end of their treatment firmly declared their detest of this uncomfortable treatment, they quickly doubled back to rebook once they saw their skin the following week and all the positive comments they received about their glowing skin.

Pros and Cons

This abrasive discomfort and annoying peel is the major con of this treatment. Not everyone can have the 5 to 7 days downtime or confidence to get about their day with major flakes of skin hanging from their face so I guess these factors may put people off.

The Lighter Refresh peel is a great alternative, and although it does not achieve the same results as the 7 Day alternative it simply achieves the results over a greater number of treatments. The cost of this service ranges from $150 to $299 so very affordable for a rejuvenation procedure and we LOVE that is suitable and safe for everyone on the skin tone Fitzpatrick scale!

The Final Word...

DO IT! I am in love!

As I said when I find something amazing that I KNOW clients will love I jump all in and thankfully due to great client trust my clients generally jump in with me. Although they may curse me through treatments like peels, plasma and needling generally they thank me after the fact when they are enjoying the results they love.

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