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Contains:  1 x 100ml Tonic, 1 x 100ml PH Neutraliser, 1 x Pumice Stone, 1 x Foot Scraper, 1 x Dropper & 1 x Latex Glove

The Callus Softening Kit is the perfect solution for calluses and dry and cracked heels. Get rid of dead skin and unwanted calluses, helping to restore your feet to their natural beauty.


The Callus Softening Tonic is an alkaline peel and not an acid peel, which makes it more effective to remove the dead, hard skin under the feet. It has a very high alkalinity and must be used with a pH Neutralizer. The allowed active is at the maximum allowed percentage making it very effective, treating heels in 10 minutes. 

 The Neutralizer is acidic in nature, neutralizing the skin after the alkalizing effect of the Tonic. It is the only pH neutralizer sold with a callus remover. It contains Coconut Oil extract and Urea as hydrating agents and Pro Vitamin B5 and Vitamin C to nourish and heal the skin.

10 applications.

ELIM MEDIHEEL Callus softening Kit

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