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Medi Pedi

Medi Pedi Callous Removal

  • 30 minutes
  • 65 Australian dollars
  • Bespoke Skin .Beauty

Service Description

Elim Medi Pedi is the ultimate foot care treatment to address callousing, cracks and fissures. NO more blading (that tends to make them worse over time) No more Urea foot peels that leave a trail of foot skin for a week. just 30 minutes on the treatment bed and your feel will feel smooth and healthy once again! Please note this is not a pedicure service, but more a foot resurfacing treatment. Some feet may require multiple treatments to achieve happy baby soft heels!

Cancellation Policy

*Cancellations outside of our 48 hour cancellation window are welcome to reschedule or refund their booking a however a 10% Booking Fee is deducted from all refunds. *Any cancellations within 48 to 24 Hours prior to your booking are eligable to reschedule the appointment to within 2 weeks of the booking with no loss of booking Fee. Any cancelations within this time will forgo 50% Booking Fee. *Any cancelations within 24 Hours of a booking will be forfeit any refund. However rescheduling within 2 weeks of booking will ensure 50% of booking fee (cost of service) is refunded at next visit. *If a medical Certificate or Positive Covid Test from a testing clinic is provided at rescheduled appointment full refund will be provided less 10% Booking Fee. * Please do not book any appointments within 72 Hours of vaccination or covid boosters. *Please do not book any Cosmetic Tattoo, Peels, Plasma or Needling within 4 weeks of vaccination or boosters or within. * Please do not book any treatments (except tanning) within 2 weeks of injectables or filler

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